Quick Update

I’m heading to the Northwest Tandem Rally to ride with my scholarly babe, Jennifer. So, this is a quick update prior to departure. My goal was to get one more thing done before leaving. Here it is: When I first received my Pocketship order from CLC, the plywood parts were strapped to a pallet. The … Continue reading Quick Update

Trailer Work

Before we can work on the trailer, we need to install the bow eye. The bow eye is the doohickey that attaches to the front of the boat which attaches to the wench strap. To install the bow eye, one needs to reach through the front bulkhead access port (shown in black in the photo … Continue reading Trailer Work

Tabernacle and Bowsprit

Moving forward with our build, let’s rough out the tabernacle and get the bowsprit cut into place. The tabernacle supports the base of the pivoting mast and provides a secure attachment point for the bowsprit. Photos will help… I chose white oak for it’s strength and water resistant nature. The 1/2″ stainless bolt you see … Continue reading Tabernacle and Bowsprit

The Breath of Life

I consider the painting phase of wooden boat building the most exciting. Some boat builders labor and fret over all the small imperfections of the job, some hate the sanding, some hate the chemicals. Other seek endlessly for the perfect finish. I’m not patient enough for any such thoughts or actions. I do work hard … Continue reading The Breath of Life

Hull Work

With the boat flipped, it’s time to begin working the hull into it’s proper form. Needed Steps: I first added several large fillets to the keel of the boat. The manual states this fillet cannot be too large. It supports the weighted keel, poured lead and centerboard. It also supports the entire boat when loaded … Continue reading Hull Work