Filleting and Glassing

Filleting and Glassing: The art of getting slimed with epoxy and entangled with fiberglass strings, while the heat generating chemical reaction cures before your ready. But, let’s figure out a way to do it cleanly and efficiently…without loosing any religion. This takes skill and practice. Steps I followed: I measured the liner distance of the … Continue reading Filleting and Glassing

Tack Welding

Welders tack weld metal parts prior to completing the structural weld to hold things into their proper orientation. Boat builders do the same thing, but with epoxy. Summary: Once the tack welds are cured, I’ll remove all the stitches and overlay the tack welds with the final proper fillet. Continue reading Tack Welding

Back in the Shop

After taking two weeks off to catch up on other tasks, today I got back into the shop. Let’s check it out: It’s time to stitch on the upper side panels and the back wall to the cabin. Summary: I made really good progress today. I wish everyday could be this productive. Continue reading Back in the Shop

Upper Side Panels

I still need to add one more side panel to Pocketship to complete the hull. These last side panels actually curve inward forming a beautiful shape. But, before we can behold that beautiful shape, we need to glue up the panels and fiberglass. The panels are cut into a finger joint for connecting…you can’t buy … Continue reading Upper Side Panels

Bow Deck

One of the many features that drew me to Pocketship was this awesome, large self draining “chuck it” area. Call it a large anchor well, call it a fender storage area, call it a great place to stow dock lines or chuck your soggy wet suit, call it whatever you want, it’s absolutely awesome. How … Continue reading Bow Deck

Footwell Finesse

With the seat tops installed, let’s give the footwell some love. Summary: I plan to roll another coat of epoxy over the footwell sides and floor once the fillets are cured and sanded. And, that means I’ll be ready to begin chapter 3 of building Pocketship. Yay!!! Continue reading Footwell Finesse